Genetics: (Pineapple Tart x Space Runtz)


Originally bred by Tiki Madman and grown by Designer Boyz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Distinct pineapple notes on the aroma, backed up by a musty, earthy undertone that slightly took the edge off of the sharper characteristics of the prominent citrus notes. Slightly tart pineapple notes on the dry pull, still maintaining bottom notes of earthy herbaceousness and top notes of citrus fruits. The flavour was slightly reminiscent of a pineapple cake – some sugary, creamy baked goods qualities mixed with the sharp and tart pineapple terps giving it this unique effect. This was accented by a mildly herbal note on the bottom notes with the slightest bit of gas influence. Nice and clean head high; great all-round cerebral buzz.”