Genetics: (Zkittlez x Sunset Sherbet)


Bred and grown by The Ten Co.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Slightly earthy and musty hints of what smelled like ‘Lemon Cherry Gelato’ terps on the initial aroma – definitely some sweet tropical Zkittlez terps in the mix as well, but certainly in the background as opposed to in the forefront. I could almost smell a sort of wild garlic-esque underlying funk as well; a very complex terp profile! After breaking open the buds just slightly, I got a wave of sour grapefruit, sweet candy and herbaceous gas coming on all at once. As soon as I ground up the flower, I was smacked by a truly dank and rich mixture of notes… The Zkittlez genetics opened up more this time, brightening up the mix with a more broad spectrum of tropical fruit notes. It even shone in the direction of a ‘Rainbow Sherbet’ profile almost. The funky essence of raw garlic returned on the bottom notes; intertwined with those slightly sour, earthy gas notes. After a short while of smelling this intoxicating aroma, I even felt as though I was beginning to pick up on a typical ‘Biscotti’ profile within the mix too. This is without a doubt as unique as the Blue and yellow Zushi strains in ways of general terps and character profile. Very similar ‘Lemon Cherry Gelato’ notes on the dry pull to the ones I had picked up on with the initial aroma – almost Runtz level sweetness to it; very candy-like; also a bit of Sherb influence to it too. The flavour was initially giving me some earthy Kush notes with a mildly sweet edge to them. Some gassy lung expansion came shortly into the joint, making me cough a fair bit, but with zero harshness to it whatsoever. A few tokes later and I was beginning to quite clearly taste the overarching sweetness of the flavour; coming across as both candy-like and fruity in character. Within this I could pick out some particular hints of lemon, peach, and grapefruit. That slight touch of garlic reamined through amongst the bottom notes of earthy kush and gassy pine notes. A mild touch of tart raspberries became obvious on the palate towards the end of the joint. A nice cerebral buzz came on at first, quite strong to note, leaving me feeling a bit spaced out for a while.”