Genetics: (London Pound Cake 75 x Project 4516)


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Originally bred by Lit Farms in collaboration with Grandiflora Genetics – this Indica-dominant hybrid is built on top of a strong foundation of genetics that make this flower one hell of a treat to enjoy.

When I first opened the jar I got a strong burst of notes that I immediately attributed to Sherbet and Biscotti. I was getting a subtle complexity of lemons, gas, butter and a touch of cheese – the sweet and sour characteristics of the lemons blending together with the funkier, gassy ones creating a unique and mysterious cocktail (shaken, not stirred)…ahem. Anyway, moving swiftly on. The overall profile of the aroma, as stated earlier, was very much reminiscent of a classic Sunset Sherbet to me, accompanied by the nutty, lemony terps of Biscotti.

After rolling some of this flower up I took a few dry pulls for an inspection of the flavour. The slightly sour lemon notes remained at the top of the general profile, but they were now mixed with a more candy-like sweetness as well as the buttery, nutty notes. After sparking it up I began to find the latter notes started tasting almost like straight-up peanut butter in fact, gently settled in a bed of Bubblegum-like sweetness. This was all wrapped in a soft blanket of vanilla and lemon sorbet.

The joint burned beautifully, producing nice clean, white ash – as it did so it started to give off a deep gassy undertone that bore a hint of the aforementioned funk with each tasty toke I took. As it came to an end, I started to get a hint of musk and spice in the last few tokes, sitting nicely beneath the brighter, sweeter notes. As for the effects – I started to feel them come on after just a couple of tokes! Not surprising considering this stuff comes in pretty strong with an average THC content of 20% (as officially tested by Drew Is Sharing).

I initially felt a slight bit of pressure come around my forehead and behind my eyes – this was accompanied by a bit of a buzz that had me feeling chatty and creative. I was suddenly given a bit of pep in my step and a carefree attitude to boot; as time went on I started to feel more chilled out. This chill, however, gradually progressed into a drowsy sensation that had me looking for a spot to sit down soon enough! As I sat in front of the TV in a bit of a haze, I found that my attention span was shrinking and my eyes were starting to feel heavy.

I’d say that this is a great strain to enjoy throughout the daytime as well as the evening – however, if you’ve got shit to get done about the day then you’ll require a higher tolerance to take this smoke on in doing so! I found overall that this was an almost picture perfect balance of effects for the mind and body; super relaxing but not overly sedating. With this in mind, along with the incredible flavour and aroma that this flower gives off – I’d have to say that this strain ticked all the boxes for me.

It’s buds like this that make me think the UK have indeed caught up to the level of many a first class grower in the US… Once an influencer; now a competitor. After all, these guys don’t call themselves ‘the original Cali killer’ for nothing! Why don’t you pick up a jar of this fire superiority and find out for yourself what us Brits are really made of once we put our hearts and minds to the task of producing top shelf bud.”