Genetics: (Gelato #45 x undisclosed pheno)


Bred and grown by Hash Oil Gardens.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Straight out of the bag I was getting very pronounced diesel terps that were nicely accompanied by some sweet, candy notes that were somewhat reminiscent of bubblegum. This combination of notes was almost similar to a typical Runtz pheno, just without the overly dominant Z terps. After grinding some of this flower up the aroma immediately stepped up a notch in complexity – I started smelling top notes of fresh evergreen and underlying notes of smooth, Piney gas with a slight touch of mildly fruity Z terps as well as some nuttiness becoming present too.

After rolling up a joint I took a few dry pulls to discover a delicious blend of those same smooth and creamy gassy notes and light, sweeter, slightly fruity ones. I found that this was an almost perfect continuation on from the aroma that I was getting from this flower; just as I had hoped for! Taking a closer inspection of the flavour on the dry pull I discovered a mild hint of what I can only describe as burnt rubber mixing with those heavy diesel terps on the backend; making a very dank base to the overall flavour.

After sparking my joint up I took several long tokes to really appreciate the depth of flavour I was experiencing. Almost straight away I felt as though, just as with the transition from aroma to dry pull flavour, the general flavour upon combustion was almost identical to that of what I tasted on the dry

However, after a short while I began to taste the flavour expand with some new traits – hints of sweet grape-like candy and more mild bubblegum notes mixing with some light touches of Sherbet characteristics. This blend of sweet, dank fruity notes and smooth, creamy, gassy ones were nicely accented by a touch of nutty tones on the aftertaste which immediately reminded me of those classic Gelato #45 terps that I love so much. Honestly, it can be frustrating at times not being able to know what genetics are behind creating such a wonderful strain. But when they simply taste this damn good…it’s almost difficult to care at all!

As for the effects…this one is a heavy hitter for sure! Not too long into my smoke I began to feel slightly lightheaded – this was accompanied by a mild, uplifting sensation of euphoria. Shortly after I started feeling my eyes getting heavier, with some pressure developing around my chest and head. The sedating effects followed quickly with me ultimately needing to sit back and relax for a while as my mind slowly melted into a fuzzy daze. I found that this flower (for me personally) is better left to be enjoyed in the evenings as opposed to any daytime sessions for this reason!

Overall I have to say I was very impressed with this strain – the aroma and flavour were both right on the money in ways of what I like to experience. The powerful, couch-lock inducing high was a great touch for winding down after a long day and just switching off for a while. Smoke enough of this stuff and you’ll be tucked up in bed (or passed out on the sofa) in no time! Hats off once again to the brilliant Hash Oil Gardens for knocking it out of the park with this one!”