Genetics: (Oreoz x Mendobreath)


Originally bred by 3rd Coast Genetics and grown by Dank In The Village.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“On the initial aroma, I could pick up the general ‘Oreoz’ terp profile of vanilla and earthy tobacco almost immediately. However, this was quickly caught up by a layer of funky sourdough bread notes, as well as giving off a slightly gassy and herbaceous undertone. After breaking the buds apart, that’s when the definitive ‘Mendo Breath’ terps smacked me on the nose. This thick, pungent injection of deep gas notes took over the centre stage of the aroma from this point onwards, but still displaying a mildly sweet, creamy accent from the ‘Oreoz’ influence.
After grinding up some of the buds, I noticed very quickly that the somewhat fruity, funky sourdough effect from earlier had now increased in strength sitting alongside those heavy gas terps, now making for a truly potent and loud aroma. This definitely gave off the impression of straight-up diesel fumes on closer inspection. I felt this was perfectly in theme with the strains name and heritage to a place in the US that was the beating heart of the ‘American Muscle’ car movement.
The dry pull offered a very clear translation of the above aroma through to the palate – having me taste a broad mixture of mostly gassy, funky, and mildly sweet and creamy notes. I must note that this was, just as the aroma, a very unique terp profile for me, which is always a fundamental part of standing out from the rest of the crowd. Upon sparking up, the initial flavour offered up a slightly more tamed version of the aroma, but still coming across with a good amount of depth and clarity.
The general flavour profile from the ‘Oreoz’ genetics became somewhat dominant for a short while throughout the first third of the joint roughly, giving off top notes of caramel and vanilla. This eventually switched up places for an overall increase in the gas notes from the ‘Mendo Breath’ influence about halfway through the joint. 
Despite the increasing pungency in the latter department, the smoke maintained a terrific amount of smoothness on each toke. This also remained the case irregardless to the introduction of semi-regular lung expansions towards the end of the joint where the gassy flavours became stronger, and more concentrated on the mouth and throat. However, there was a consistent smoothness and cleanliness to the smoke itself, which one can chalk up to the organic grow cycle in living soil.
The effects were pretty mellow to start off with; there was a rather mild head high giving off a moderate buzz, as well as a calming sensation running over me initially. After about half an hour or so, I began to feel the Indica side of the effects turn up a few notches, noticing a general increase to the body high I was feeling. This gradually developed into a more sedating effect, leaving me in a chilled state of couch-lock for a good while.
To conclude – having never tried this strain before, I was pleasantly surprised with just how refreshingly original the flavour profile turned out to be. It’s always a pleasure trying something new and interesting like this for the first time, and I wasn’t disappointed! Thanks once again to Dank In The Village for sending this beauty over to the studio; you killed it.”