Genetics: (Purple Octane [{Biscotti x Sherb BX1} x {Jealousy F2}] x Jealousy [Gelato #41 x Sherbet])


Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics and grown by Designer Boyz.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very prominent funky gas terps on the aroma with some sweet top notes coming from the Jealousy genetics. This was a perfect combination of terps in my opinion – a good amount of depth with a unique character, but certainly a desirable one. The gassy Octane notes became much more present upon grinding up the buds; overpowering the other notes with a lot of weight. Sweet diesel tones were the most noticeable on the aroma as I was rolling up a joint. The sweet gassy terps were most noticeable after grinding up the buds, almost intoxicatingly rich displaying some Gelato characteristics. Sweet, creamy, fruity gas terps on the dry pull; very tasty. Great sweet gas notes on the flavour for the most part, very potent smoking experience. The joint maintained the strength and dankness of the ‘Purple Octane’ flavour profile throughout as well as the lighter, sweeter but just as rich, ‘Jealousy’ terps beautifully. Very strong effects – heavy head high to begin with, including gradually increasing waves of relaxation. There was a mild attribute of euphoria as part of the initial onset of effects that washed over me gently.”