Genetics: (8″ Bagel pheno [GMO x Project 4516])


Originally bred by Lit Farms, pheno hunted and grown by Greyman Genetics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“What with being produced from the same cross behind ‘8″ Bagel’, it was no surprise to find those same dank, funky, sweet and creamy terps of garlic and sherbet in the aroma; very loud indeed! There was a thick layer of sweet, fruity Gelato terps on the top notes, definitely giving off a Zkittlez-esque sort of profile (despite there being no Zkittlez in the genetics interestingly). After breaking the buds apart it became immediately apparent why Greyman Genetics decided to name this particular pheno ‘Rainbow Bagel’… Another burst of sweet, almost candy-like, fruity terps came through more boldly in the aroma; resembling a classic ‘Rainbow Sherbet’ profile. The combination of the creaminess and gassiness along with the bright, fresh citrus fruitiness of the Zkittlez-like terps produced a classic Runtz aroma – candy sweetness through and through. This was given a lot of depth from the GMO genetics playing their part on the bottom notes; giving another layer of loudness with a funky and slightly gassy profile. This was probably one of the most characterful aromas I think I’ve ever come across in my time shooting and reviewing buds. The flavour of the Rainbow Bagel exceeded my expectations by coming through almost identically to the palate from the aroma; an almost perfect translation. A very loud flavour, mostly giving off top notes of sweet, creamy, Sherby gas terps – still with a touch of fruitiness to it. This was, again, backed up by that deep, GMO funk on the bottom notes, making for a very full-bodied flavour on the smoking experience. The effects were quite strong, mostly giving off a well-balanced head high for the most part, accompanied by some mild bodily relaxation.”