Genetics: (Animal Mints BX1 x Rainbow Truffle)


Originally bred by Arctic Genetics and grown by Terp Junkie.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Upon first inspection, I was getting mostly getting a sweet and creamy Gelato-esque profile on the initial aroma with a slightly spicy, Earthy, Kush-like undertone. This came with just a mild hint of Zkittlez on the backend. A very dank, gassy funk became very noticeable immediately after breaking some of the buds open. This was accompanied by an increase in the general sweetness of the top notes, reaching an almost candy-like level in character.

These sugary notes balanced out the more formidable dank, gassy ones – producing a truly potent aroma. After grinding up, I inspected the aroma once again to find that it had increased drastically in loudness, now showing off the somewhat more distinguishable ‘Animal Mints’ genetics in the mix. The gassy notes left the Earthy, spicy quality behind and assumed a more chemical-like, diesel quality. The sweet top notes of candy took on a slightly floral and herbaceous character, now expressing tropical and citrus fruit notes.

There was a somewhat Sherbet-oriented quality about the top notes after a fair bit of time smelling them closely. I found that the overall profile was pretty Kush-heavy on the dry pull mostly; Earthy, musty notes with an almost baked goods effect to them. This was accented quite sharply with that same candied sweetness from before. This flavour actually reminded me of those sweets ‘Rainbow Drops’ that I used to love as a kid!

Upon the first few tokes I found that the bulk of the flavour was being built up by sweet and creamy Kush notes – the creaminess giving off a slight Gelato effect. Some herbaceous gas crept up just a few more tokes in, giving some lung expansion on the inhale. That same Sherbet-like characteristic returned on the top notes of the flavour, mingling with the sweet candy and fruit notes from the Zkittlez terps nicely. Not even half-way into the joint I could taste that sort of ‘resinous effect’ on the exhale that you get with particular potent strains; almost resembling a hash-like quality.

This flower gave a pretty strong head high to start, not too overwhelming, but definitely had me feeling a bit dazed. This eventually led to a general sense of relaxation, leaving very chilled, and quite peckish I might add! All in all, I felt that this was not only a quality first impression of a great strain, but also of a very promising grower on the scene. I was most impressed with the quality of this flower and I’m certainly excited to see what else may come from this particular garden in the future!”