Genetics: (Cream D’ Mint x Runtz)


Originally bred by Exotic Genetix and grown by Righteous Gardens.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This Indica-dominant hybrid was one I hadn’t had the opportunity to try before, and this was certainly a good first impression! Upon opening the bag I found that I was getting a rather unique blend of terps -mildly sweet hints of Earthy basil and some underlying gas. The longer I inspected the aroma the more I felt as though it was somewhat reminiscent of PB Soufflé in certain ways. On the dry pull I noticed that I was mostly tasting some sugary Runtz top notes combined with those previously mentioned Earthy and slightly gassy bottom notes.

After sparking up my joint I began to taste all these notes starting to combine; increasing in both strength and complexity. I started to taste what reminded me of a general hash flavour mixed with mild hints of classic Skunk terps. The smoke this flower produced was very

smooth and almost creamy on the palate. Towards the end of my joint I started to taste subtle notes of burnt orange and pine coming into the mix – this was accompanied by an underlying spicy and herbaceous Earthiness.

The effects of this flower were potent and quick to come on – I initially felt a wave of euphoria wash over me accompanied by a slight burst of creativity. This left me in a productive and uplifted mood, as this cerebral buzz continued I eventually noticed after a while that I started to feel a relaxing body high come into effect. This progressed into a fairly heavy stoned sensation that eventually had me in a state of couch-lock. I found that these effects made this strain a perfect choice for an end of day smoke to really kick back and relax.

All in all I must say that I really enjoyed this flower – it ticked the right boxes for me in offering up a great smoking experience in ways of both flavour and effects. I definitely look forward to trying more righteous buds from Righteous Gardens in the future!”