Genetics: (Pink Guava x OZK)


Originally bred by Deep East (a.k.a. DEO Farms) in collaboration with Wizard Trees, and grown by Top Shelf Genetics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Right out of the bag, I was presented with an initial aroma that really did seem to serve as a clear, unadulterated example of that classic RS11 terp profile in full force. Sweet, fruity Zkittlez top notes giving off a prominent citrus-heavy characteristic, combined with a slightly funky, almost nutty, Sherbet backdrop. The best description for the general aroma would be aromatic and fruity, with a good amount of depth.

After grinding some of the buds up, a dank and herbal-like layer of gas subtly entered the bottom end of the aroma, adding more complexity to the profile. The lemon-leaning citrus top notes opened up more, giving off a slightly sour accent to the already sweet blend of fruity Zkittlez characteristics. After letting the aroma linger for a short while, I began to notice a somewhat floral quality developing on the top end of the notes.
The dry pull produced an overall flavour that tasted almost identical to the aroma, but more specifically Sherbet-dominant. There was a mild touch of the Earthy gas emanating from the OZK side of the genetics on the bottom end, maintaining that sense of depth to the profile. Upon combustion, the initial flavour was dank, fruity and mildly gassy from the very start – a clear and direct translation from the dry pull. I found that the flavour offered up some butterscotch-like qualities in the overarching sweetness of the profile. 
These sat alongside fresh, sour and moderately earthy fruity notes, all given a sharp twist of an underlying musty funk. Some noticeable characteristics of the Sherbet genetics took the spotlight amongst a sea of candy-like Zkittlez terps for the most part of the smoking experience. As stated earlier, this particular bit of flower served as a truly definitive and undeniably pure example of RS11. The distinct profile sits at such an extreme end of the spectrum so that identifying it in a blind tasting would be successfully accomplished almost immediately.
When growing a strain with such a reputation for outstanding flavour, there’s always some amount of pressure to live up to the original hype in your run of it. In this case, that was clearly attained with great success. The effects of this strain, at first, brought on a substantial body high with a head rush, and minor wave of euphoria to match. All of this came on with good speed, setting in pretty quickly, and bringing on a sensation of feeling somewhat energised.
This initial cerebral buzz developed gradually into a more calming high, leaving me well relaxed but not couch-locked. Overall, if you couldn’t already tell, I felt that this was a brilliant example of an already adored staple of the current world of flavours. Executing it with damn near perfection, Top Shelf Genetics has smashed this one out of the park.”