Genetics: (A.K.A. Emmit Smith [Sunset Sherbet x Headbanger OG])


Bred by Boston Roots Seed Co., pheno hunted and grown by NorCals Gardens.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Bright, fresh notes of pine and mint with a mild herbaceousness, as well as a touch of sweetness about them, on the initial aroma. This was all accompanied by a thick underlying blend of dank, sour gas notes, as well as an unusual touch of latex and fresh paint. The aroma became incredibly loud after grinding up – the top notes took on a complexity of tropical fruits as well as some floral qualities too. The base notes of gas got super dank and pungent, amplifying those sour tones that blended with the sweet and fruity top notes intensely; giving the aroma a very defined character. On the dry pull I was mostly tasting dank, sour fruit notes with a herbaceous, gassy undertone of earthy pine. This came with a mild hint of sweet berries as well as some muted citrus notes on the top notes.

The overall flavour profile off the dry pull was indeed very unique, just like the aroma, and had a rather intriguing quality about it. Almost immediately after sparking up, I found that the initial flavour I was getting was mostly built up by the somewhat dominant Sherbet characteristics. The top notes were holding up most of the typical Sherb terps while the bottom notes still bore those very deep and dank Headbanger OG gassy terps. I was still tasting those slightly peculiar notes of latex rubber and strong paint fumes on the backend of the flavour; intertwining tightly with the gassy terps on the bottom notes. The Earthy, herbaceousness of the OG profile became more noticeable around halfway through the joint, but didn’t overpower the slightly more delicate Sherbet qualities on the top notes.

As I reached perhaps the most pungent point of the joint in ways of flavour, not too long before the end, I found that what I was tasting for the most part was so finely cut down the line between the parents genetics that it was like a whole new flavour profile of its own. The sheer weight from the strains either side of this cross produced such an equal display of force that it started to become difficult to delineate the Sherb terps from the OG terps. Thus, bringing to the palate a whole new experience of flavour that make Sherbanger a truly standalone piece of work in the game. The effects were heavy, starting with a strong body high that led off with some pressure in the chest and around the forehead, as well as heavy eyes setting in pretty quickly. This was accompanied by some lightheadedness, making me want to sit back and chill for a while. Definitely not for beginners, and probably best suited for an evening smoke.”