Genetics: (Biscotti x Gelonade x RS11)


Bred and grown by World Is Yours Exotics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Upon opening the bag, I picked up a slightly floral and herbal twist of RS11 terps, layered nicely on top a bed of rather musty Gelonade terps. These worked together well, accentuating the sweet and mildly sour lemon notes found in both strains; as well as Biscotti, of course. Once some of the buds were broken up, before going into the grinder, I found that the bottom notes increased a substantial amount. The top notes of candy and citrus fruits were now being balanced out with some counterweight from the underlying Earthy, musty notes of herbaceous funk.

After grinding up the buds, the Biscotti terps then became finally apparent in the aroma. These terps leapt into the mix with a fresh burst of gas and lemon notes, with that familiar added touch of nuttiness also, as to be expected. The presence of the Biscotti genetics were much more noticeable on the dry pull, but beautifully accented by the Gelonade terps; giving them a lovely candied effect almost. Once again, as with the previous two iterations of the Biscotti crosses in this signature series – I was being introduced to a flavour profile that was familiar but new.

Once I sparked up my joint and took a couple tokes, I found that the flavour was, initially, RS11-dominant in ways of the terps I was getting. This was the case for a short while before, eventually, the Gelonade characteristics began to seep through into the mix. This brought with it its staple traits of flavour with notes of candy-like lemon, pepper and mild hints of ammonia on the edge.

The Gelato 41 genetics in the Gelonade also became more noticeable around halfway through the joint, bringing forth the creamy notes of vanilla and dank gassy tones. These set the stage for flavour brilliantly as the Biscotti terps stepped into action, becoming more apparent as the joint burned on towards the end. These began to express dank, gassy note of their own, as well as inevitable notes of nuts and sour lemons; intertwining with the Gelonade flawlessly.

At this point, it became incredibly obvious that these two strains were a match made in heaven! It goes without saying that the inclusion of RS11 just acts as a flavourful cherry on top of this already vibrant cross. The effects from this flower presented themselves in quick successions – starting off with a clean head high, with good clarity and no sense of haziness at first. This held its place for a good 20-30 minutes roughly, before eventually giving way to a pretty full-on cerebral buzz. This did have me feeling a bit taken aback admittedly, leaving me in a slightly zoned out state of mind, as some mental haziness began to set in slowly.

I was feeling sociable and upbeat, but definitely a bit dazed – the latter sensation increased over time. I gradually felt a mild body high with a good amount of relaxation come over me, but didn’t leave me feeling sedated. To sum up, I felt like this was another well executed Biscotti cross; bringing to the table a whole new experience to a tried and true classic that so many of us are fond of. Offering us a chance to see something we’re familiar with in a whole new light is often times an exciting and challenging experience.

In this instance, I see no room for speculation or controversy, as each of these appropriately picked crosses offers a unique and delicious take on the modern day classic Biscotti. If you’re looking for a new and interesting take on an older and adored flavour profile; look no further.”