Genetics: (Sour Power x Biker Kush)


Originally bred by Karma Genetics and grown by Mr. Opax.


Review from the Bud Studio –


“Upon opening the bag, I was met by a thick blend of musty, dank, piney, sour gas notes on the aroma. This was a very loud, dank profile that was full of depth and character. As you can imagine, immediately after grinding up some of the buds, there was a very big upturn in the level of sourness in the aroma. With this came some hints of sweet herbaceousness, accenting the more sour, gassy notes nicely.

There was a sharp, sour-like sweetness on the dry pull that was similar to Grapefruit, but with a more general sour, Earthy tone with hints of sugary notes about it, as well as Pine. This combination almost reminded me of a cool, fresh bottle of Corona with a wedge of lime interestingly enough.

The initial flavour was primarily built up by strong notes of sweet and musty gas, combined with a hint of freshly cut grass and Pine. As the joint burned on, I found that notes of sour fuel and lemons gradually increased on the palate, bringing back that pungent profile noticeable on the aroma.

The effects of this strain were a perfect example of an Indica leaning hybrid; displaying a great, evenly balanced high. Starting off with a steady cerebral buzz, giving off a mild, uplifting sense of euphoria. This was eventually followed by a nice, solid and comforting body high, slowly progressing into a slight state of couch-lock.

Overall, I have to say that this strain certainly lived up to all the hype, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In a market that’s almost becoming over saturated with dessert and candy-oriented flavour profiles, it’s truly refreshing to smoke something harking back to those classic, and truly timeless OG characteristics. Hats off to Mr. Opax for knocking this one out of the park, and another huge thank you for gifting me this stuff in the first place.”