Genetics: (Corleone [Lemon Cherry Gelato x Bubblegum Gelato] x Forbidden Runtz [Forbidden Zkittlez x Runtz])


Bred and grown by The Baydestrians, distributed by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very much Runtz-style candy sweetness on the aroma with a similar profile to Lemon Cherry Gelato in particular. After grinding up, the aroma got accentuated by a strong punch of red berries, backed up by a hint of underlying gas. The terps on the dry pull were, once again, very Runtz-heavy – creamy and smooth candy notes with hints of powdered milk, berries, tropical fruits and maple syrup. The flavour continued this Runtz-oriented theme in terms of the general profile, top notes of sugary fruitiness with some accompanying bottom notes of slightly musty gas. As the joint burned on, the flavour developed an earthy, ‘Kushy’ quality to it after a while, with an aftertaste that seemed a bit hash-like. There was the slightest hint of fresh strawberries that came into the flavour just towards the very end of the joint, as all of the notes began to form a concentrated effect on the palate. A strong head high came on initially, this brought about a great cerebral buzz that eventually fizzled down into a stoned dazed that had me feeling very relaxed.”