Genetics: (Biscotti x Lemon Cherry Gelato)


Bred and grown by The Baydestrians, distributed by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –



“A beautifully balanced mix of both parents genetics in the initial aroma, with the top notes being occupied by the lighter, sweeter LCG terps of candied cherries, and the bottom notes occupied by the deeper, more dank Biscotti terps of funky gas with nutty accents. After breaking the buds open, the aroma opened up with even more depth, specifically concerning the Biscotti terps, making them give off an even more gassy presence in the mix. The LCG terps also jumped up a notch at this point, but were somewhat more restrained in their presence, still highlighting the top notes of the aroma with their candy-shop sweetness of berries. Grinding up the buds just took all of this up one more level in loudness, really displaying the evenly-keeled balance of both the parents profiles.
Upon sparking up, my palate was immediately hit by the sweet fruity notes of the LCG genetics, giving off that distinct blend of cherry and citrus terps; a mouthwatering combo. The instantly recognisable Gelato qualities of creaminess started to come into effect not long after first inhaling, giving a nice ‘thick’ edge to the aforementioned notes. After just a few tokes I could clearly notice the more heavy Biscotti traits coming into play – starting off with a pungent nutty, musty funk on the inhale, that was shortly followed by a very dank note of gas on the exhale. This eventually seemed to combine seamlessly with the gassy, creamy Gelato notes, and continued to be the more dominant flavour for the rest of the smoke, still accented by the slightly softer LCG terps on the top notes. The effects came on quickly, giving off a nice, calming social high emanating from a mild cerebral buzz. This continued for some time until I gradually felt a slightly hazy sense of clarity come over me, leaving me slightly spaced out, but relaxed.”