Genetics: (Zangria [Thin Mint Cookies x Zkittlez] x Illmatic [Bacio x Georgia Pie])


Bred and grown by Fiya Farmer in collaboration with Doja Exclusive.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“After opening up the pack, I was met by a very sweet, candy-like, fruity aroma with top notes of strawberry and blackcurrant, with some underlying musky qualities. This was accented by a lovely smooth, creamy effect brought on by those Gelato genetics. Grinding up the flower brought about some dank, thick notes of fresh vanilla pod and sweet winter berries with a mildly herbaceous undertone. This also brought overtones of paint fumes into the aroma as well (reminding me somewhat of the Permanent Marker), that gave it a lot of depth.

The dry pull was, once again, very sweet just like the aroma – a lot of Zkittlez-influenced candied fruits (berries in particular) on the top notes, along with a hint of herbaceous Kush and dank Gelato notes on the bottom. Upon sparking up the joint, I found that the flavour initially reminded me of ‘Pink Picasso’ by Wonderbrett – a soft and fruity layer of candy-like sweetness above a base of gassy, mildly Earthy Kush-influenced notes. The underlying gassy notes and sugar-sweet fruit overtones of strawberries and peaches got louder as the joint burned on, coating my mouth almost completely.

As far as the overall flavour goes on this strain, not to mention the effects; this was a very dank smoking experience. There was a good amount of lung expansion on the tokes towards the end of the joint. The effects from this flower were nicely balanced, I noticed an initial rush of euphoria as part of a strong head high that lasted a good while. This was later followed by a nice body buzz that had some relaxing properties to it that had me feeling nice and chilled out, but not sedated in any way.

I found this strain to be an ideal daytime smoke – perfect effects for enjoying yourself while still getting things done about the day. Having said that, this is more applicable to the seasoned smokers amongst you; not so much the newer smokers! Once again, Doja have knocked it out the park with yet another beautiful flower. Boasting a complex and rich blend of terps, as well as evenly balanced effects; this strain is sure to satisfy many a soul out there.

I would like to think that the ‘retreat’ in the name refers to how this particular flavour profile is a unique getaway from the now common and mass-produced candy and desert flavours on the market today. If that’s the case, then they pretty much nailed it, as this flower is certainly unique as it is sweet!”