Genetics: (Biscotti x Gelato #41 x RS11)


Bred and grown by World Is Yours Exotics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“When I opened the bag I was smacked with a dank and funky mixture of those heavy Gelato 41 and Biscotti terps on the aroma. Creamy, nutty and gassy with just a mild hint of the brighter RS11 on the backend. After breaking the nugs up, the gassy notes suddenly got tweaked by some subtle tones of sour fruits, mostly citrus-heavy, lending itself to those subtle lemon notes that are indicative of a typical Biscotti.

Once ground up nicely, the overall aroma displayed a great amount of depth, both on the top and bottom notes alike. There seemed to be an almost even-keeled presence of sweet and creamy fruit notes, as well as thick, Earthy gas notes combining seamlessly. The general profile on the dry pull was mostly Gelato 41 and Biscotti-oriented, just as on the initial aroma, but with a mild twist of Zkittlez fruitiness clearly coming from the RS11.

Upon combustion, the flavour was mostly a well balanced blend of the fruity sherbet-esque tones of the RS11, matched nicely by the smooth and creamy Gelato terps. The former making for a great lead on the top notes, while the latter provided some real depth in its rich gassiness on the bottom notes. After a few tokes, I found that the fruitiness on the inhale reminded me of that generic Capri-Sun flavour slightly; delicious!

The dank nuttiness and gassiness from the powerhouse combo of Biscotti and Gelato terps returned to the forefront of the flavour towards the end of the joint, along with a pungent blend of tropical fruits by its side. This pretty much completely covered my palate for the remaining duration of the joint, producing an almost intoxicating effect. Due to the potent nature of this strain, I noticed a fair bit of lung expansion on the inhale.

In terms of effects, at first, I felt a nice cerebral buzz settling in, coupled with a modest touch of euphoria. This carried on for a good while, leaving me in a happy and sociable frame of mind. Not too long into this state, I could feel a more intense side to the head high coming into play. This didn’t feel too overwhelming, however it did develop gradually into a rather substantial state of couch-lock after a little while.

Overall, I felt that this was a great standalone example of the Biscotti Signature Series, not to mention an outright superb first impression for me. I’ve always been a big fan of Biscotti, and it’s truly a pleasure to discover a dedicated series of crosses with this very strain; taking it to new and unexpected areas. Mad props to World Is Yours Exotics for sending me these flowers to shoot and review!”