Genetics: Unknown Runtz pheno (Zkittlez x Gelato)


Originally bred by Runtz and grown by Highmart.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Upon opening the absolutely madly designed pack, I was hit with a classic Runtz characteristic on the initial aroma, as to be expected. A candy-like sweetness of sugary, fruity notes of berries and citrus, gently accented by what appeared to be a fresh herbal quality in the background. Some hints of creaminess came into the mix after breaking some of the buds open – definitely reminiscent of a typical LCG profile. The aroma got much louder after grinding up, with an increasingly dank undertone of funky gas now becoming noticeable alongside those sweeter top notes. This, combined with the aforementioned creaminess in the terp profile, made for an uncanny resemblance to a broad Gelato pheno. This gave a lot of depth to the much lighter candy terps on the top notes.

Out of this eventually appeared a subtle blend of berry notes, mostly raspberry and blackberry it seemed. The appearance of these fruity terps in the aroma went on to intensify those already sweet top notes, giving them a real sharp edge in character. The dry pull gave a very typical and slightly mild Runtz profile in the flavour – although a more muted offering of those candy terps this time, still backed up by that underlying funky layer of creamy gas. This also had a highlight of lime and raspberry terps on the top notes as well. The flavour upon combustion offered up a continuation of those lime and raspberry terps on the top notes, this time around accompanied by some distinct notes of cherry also. There was a mildly spicy Kush-like accent on the backdrop, bringing forth some Earthy, musty notes onto the palate. A rather noticeable touch of gas appeared on the bottom notes around halfway through the joint.
The classic ‘candy’ terp profile of the Runtz was interestingly less pungent on the flavour as it was on the aroma, but still noticeable. The creaminess that I picked up on on the dry pull returned in the flavour, sitting amongst the bottom notes of gas. This developed an almost cacao quality about it towards the end of the joint, giving a very interesting effect to the overall terp profile.  The effects of this strain were a bit of a creeper in pace, starting slowly with a mild cerebral buzz. There was a somewhat noticeable wave of euphoria that came over me not long after this, giving me an uplifting sensation. This was most certainly a sociable high, making this flower a perfect choice for a daytime session.”