Genetics: (Cookies & Cream x Stardawg)


Originally bred by Burning Rope Pharms and grown by UK Smoothie.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Sweet and slightly herbaceous aroma with hints of berries and cookies. Very dank and much louder aroma after grinding up – slight cheesy and fuel quality about it. Notes of strawberries and cream were noticeable on the dry pull, the Stardawg terps were quite obvious, with those same hints of cheese-like notes. The flavour offered up top notes of sweet, earthy berries with a touch of gas and cookies in the background on the bottom notes. The noticeable Stardawg terps were still prominent in the profile as the joint burned on, adding a good amount of character to the flavour. The effects brought on a nice, calming head high that had a steady buzz to it, leaving me feeling focused by laid back.”