Genetics: (Rainbow Ice Gola [Zkittlez] x SFV 2K7 [SFV OG])


Bred and grown by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Mild Zkittlez terps on the aroma, giving off some sweet accents as well as hints of citrus fruits with a subtle, earthy and musty edge that had a scent of fresh pine to it. Sweeter and deeper Zkittlez notes became prominent after grinding up the buds – giving off an almost ‘OZK’ vibe what with the combination of those earthy notes of pine. The dry pull presente the same profile for flavour as the aroa had- Zkittlez fruity sweetness with some mildly herbaceous undertones with that same top note of fresh pine. Some fairly dominant Zkittlez terps on the flavour, as well as some Bacio-like qualities of creaminess, gas and nuttiness. Slight notes of candied berries became noticeable not long into the joint. Each toke became much more gassy about halfway through the joint, definitely giving off those pine notes; creating a nice OG-esque profile. Very strong and relaxing effects – good for an evening session.”