Genetics: (Black Sherbet x White Runtz)


Bred and grown by Terpz Co.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Upon opening up the bag I was hit by a very pronounced thick and sweet wave of unmistakable Runtz characteristics – sweet, candied fruits with a soft and creamy undertone of powdered milk. Some deeper Sherbet qualities made their way into the aroma as well, complimenting the lighter, more sugary Runtz terps nicely by rounding them off. After grinding some of the buds up, the aroma got much louder and began giving off some almost sweet herbaceous notes as well as a slightly sharp tart quality as well.

The dry pull was again leaning more towards the Runtz end of the spectrum – sweet and fruity powdered milk terps with some slightly herbal and Earthy base notes to it. The Black Sherbet genetics began to show more clearly here too; offering up some hints of Pinene and Myrcene as well as an almost floral, citrus quality about it. After lighting up joint the overall flavour I got was mostly built up by those same typical Runtz characteristics – terps that just screamed sugary fruits with a nice, smooth creaminess to them and an ever so slightly musty undertone.

I found that the light sweetness to the flavour on the exhale reminded me somewhat of ‘Zoy’ by The Ten Co. – a perfect display of Runtz genetics hard at work. The effects from this strain were slightly on the slow side to come on, initially bringing about a bit of a tingling sensation and uplifting sense of euphoria eventually combining with a wave of relaxation. This gradually gave way to a nice, clean and clear cerebral buzz that progressed very well into an almost equally balanced body high.

Overall I must say that this was a very enjoyable take on a Runtz cross – the Black Sherbet notes rounding off those sweeter and lighter White Runtz really give it this strain some character. That, and the well balanced and distributed effects along the way, make this a great smoking experience .”