Genetics: (Blue Raspberry Gelato x Zkittlez)


Bred and grown by The Baydestrians, distributed by World Is Yours Exotics.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“On the initial aroma, I could smell some top notes of aniseed and mango, on top of a subtle bed of what tasted like generic LCG terps. As I inspected the aroma some more, I could pick up on some Gelato-like creaminess woven through the notes. After breaking the buds apart, I could suddenly smell a bright mixture of pine, moss and fresh herbaceous floral notes, with a mild twist of peppermint. Upon grinding the buds up, the above mentioned profile gained a further attribute of light marzipan notes, as well as some slightly more pungent notes of lime zest too. This all made for a rather gourmand-style profile, which gave the aroma quite a distinct character. Beneath all of this was a lingering familiar essence of your typical LCG profile, adding some fairly noticeable sweetness to the aroma. The dry pull gave way to a flavour that was much more dominated by the latter notes – a subtle candy-shop sweetness, akin to your classic Runtz profile, led the way on the palate. This had some hints of cherries and blueberries, as well as a continuing theme of soft marzipan qualities accenting the top notes. Upon sparking up, I tasted a substantial amount of Gelato-esque terps hitting pretty hard, maintaining a blend of sweet creamy top notes, with some slightly funky and earthy bottom notes. I could still taste those same generic Runtz candy-like characteristics playing around in the mix, lifting those slightly heavier Gelato notes. Not too long into the joint, I could taste some fairly strong gas notes creeping into the profile. This combined with that dank, funky undertone, offering some real depth to the overall flavour. Strong effects, coming on initially with a reasonably full-on head high, leaving me somewhat dazed and spaced out. This came with an accompanying buzz, if but just a mild one; enough to help maintain clarity of thought and focus.”