Genetics: (RS11 x Rope Fuel)


Bred by Burning Rope Pharms in collaboration with Wizard Trees, and grown by Wizard Trees.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“Today we have an unusually short review, somewhat lacking detail, for a change on this page. This is due to the fact that I stupidly left this particular bit of flower in the jar for longer than I should have… thus unfortunately contributing to a significant loss of terps. However, let that not take away from the fact that this is without a doubt one of the single most beautiful flowers I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure to photograph, let alone combust.

Here’s the brief skinny of my experience with this thing – the aroma was giving off a subtle blend of those typical funky, sweet, fruity Sherb notes coming from the RS11 (obviously). This had a somewhat distinct underlying accent of more earthy-leaning, piney OG terps coming from the Rope Fuel. This brought about a rather musty overlying quality that sort of blended the bottom notes together.

After grinding the buds up, there was a distinct shift upwards in loudness of the Rope Fuel’s OG characteristics; finally giving way to a thick layer of dank gas. This still had a notable essence of that classic fresh pine and earthy, mustiness to it as well, giving it some real depth. The dry pull was very much RS11-oriented I found on the other hand – clearly expressing some typical Sherb terps of funky lemon, candy and sweet berry fruits.

After sparking up, the flavour was largely Rope Fuel-oriented initially, giving off those dank, Earthy OG notes of gas and pine. This came across on the palate with a lesser musty quality to it than on the aroma, which helped give the general flavour profile more clarity. This was lightly accented by the lighter, sweeter top notes of the RS11-influenced sweeter, fruity terps. Not long into the joint I noticed that these top notes began to balance out alongside the more expressive Rope Fuel traits, giving for an even-keeled display of notes.

The high came on with fairly strong heady effects to begin with, producing a substantial social buzz, but with a slight feeling of being spaced out somewhat. This carried on for a good while, having me feeling uplifted and free of any stress that I may have had. Gradually this shifted in a noticeable display towards a more relaxing body high; certainly some strong mong-out potential without the couch-lock attachment.

There you have it – short and sweet; apologies for being less informative than most of my reviews! A mega thank you and much love once again to my brother The Happenin’ Company for getting me this exclusive drop from your trip out over Stateside. And a special big up to both the Wizard and the Cowboy for making such a damn fine product. These photos only look good because of the time and effort you guys put into your flowers.”