Genetics: (Z Cube [Zkittlez x OZK])


Originally bred by Dying Breed Seeds and grown by BTY (A.K.A. Heisenbern).


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Very dank and funky OG gas terps on the nose, accented by some sharp and fruity Zkittlez terps, sweetening the gassy notes very nicely with hints of grapefruit; reminded me quite a bit of ‘El Zapo’. After grinding up, I found that the more gassy notes of pine became present in the aroa, baring a mild candy-like sweetness about it, as well as a somewhat herbaceous and floral quality. The dry pull had a beautiful mixture of the sweet, tropical fruitiness of the Zkittlez genetics combined with the dank, gassy pine notes from the OG genetics. This flavour was almost intoxicating and certainly very moreish; a great indication of what was yet to come… The flavour was mostly gas-dominated to start, coating my mouth with its sheer pungent character, as well as coming on with some immediately noticeable lung expansion.

A few tokes in and I was starting to taste the sweet and fruity Zkittlez terps beginning to gently accent those deeper, more dank notes of slightly soured pine and gas. Towards the end of the joint, I noticed a gradual development of a sort of earthy, burned rubber aftertaste to the gas notes, as well as a sweet ‘baked goods’ effect. Well-defined top notes of warm, sweet, fruity gas were present all the way to the roach. This flower burned perhaps as clean as imaginable, even considering just how loud the flavour on this one is; each toke was as smooth as it could possibly be. As to be expected with this strains reputation – the ash was simply immaculate.

The high was a bit of a creeper, but nonetheless strong from the get go. Starting off with a bit of pressure building up in the chest and behind the eyes. A moderate wave of euphoria came over me gradually, lifting me up into a steady cerebral buzz. Not long after I began to feel some slight brain fog setting in, making me lose concentration somewhat easily, leaving me feeling carefree. Eventually I felt this calming high wash over me completely, leaving me feeling blissfully relaxed.”