Genetics: (Rainbow Belts x Rubix Cube)


Originally bred by Sour Genetics, pheno hunted by Terp Junkie and grown by Pass Me The Gas.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“The initial aroma gave off a classic Zkittlez profile as you’d associate with the original Terp Hogz cut.  This eventually opened up and gave room to the more distinct Rainbow Beltz characteristics.  After breaking the buds apart, there was a clear burst of tropical fruit notes into the aroma, specifically pineapple and mango.  There was a mild essence of fresh mint lingering on the top notes, as well as a deeper touch of earthy, herbaceous aniseed on the bottom notes.  Upon grinding up, the buds broke out with another layer of fruit notes entering the mix, this time with a kick of sweet citrus notes of orange and an accompanying hint of grape.  This overall mixture of terps was fruity heaven, a truly rich and complex terp profile.  This gave the more familiar Zkittlez terps a really refreshing and new edge.  The flavour on the dry pull was more akin to that of the more familiar Rainbow Beltz profile, drawing back slightly from the complexity of the aroma.  This still gave off top notes of juicy pineapple and sweet orange.  The more I dry toked the joint, the more I could taste a sort of traditional blend of flavours that you’d expect to find in a generic tropical fruit drink – mouthwatering and delicious!  Upon sparking up, there was an immediate rush of Earthy, spicy Kush-like notes hitting my palate, giving a real depth to the Zkittlez-dominant top notes of sweet tropical fruits.  The aforementioned fruit notes still gave off a prominence of pineapple and citrus terps.  The aftertaste was a mixture of those spicy Kush notes, musty grape and aniseed.  Relaxing effects, starting with a tingling cerebral sensation.  Some mild euphoria settled in, before a calming body high with some mild sedating effects.”