Genetics: (Zkittlez x Animal Mints)


Bred and grown by Cannatique, distributed by World Is Yours Exotics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“After opening up the pack I was greeted by an incredibly dank and gassy aroma that was mildly accented by some lighter Z terp sweetness with an almost savory quality to it. This reminded me slightly of a musty Gelato #41 pheno, but a bit more funky and Earthy on the bottom end. Overall, I’d say that the general aroma from this flower was more Animal Mints oriented than Zkittlez, but still striking a decent balance between both of their characteristics of fresh, sweet fruits and doughy baked goods.

After rolling up a joint and taking a few dry pulls, I found that the flavour was practically identical to the aroma – giving off some nutty notes very similar to Biscotti with some fruity Zkittlez notes on the backend. As I sparked up the joint and took a few tokes, I initially found that the flavour was more Earthy with a slightly herbaceous accent – still maintaining those dank and musty gas notes with some sweet overtones of fruit to it. As the joint burned on, I started to taste more of the Animal Mints genetics coming through clearly, with noticeable hints of freshly baked goods like a warm loaf of sourdough bread.

The effects of this flower were definitely on the potent side of the spectrum – starting out at first with a pretty strong head high that gave me quite the cerebral buzz. This continued on nicely for a good while, giving me a slight burst of energy and euphoria that had me feeling uplifted and in the mood for going out and socialising.

After the course of about an hour or so, this gradually shifted towards a more relaxing body high that crept up slowly, calming any stress or anxiety I had in me and leaving me feeling very chilled out. These effects made this strain a perfect choice for pretty much any time of day. However, one too many smokes of this and you may not be getting much done!

Overall, I thought this was a fantastic Zkittlez cross, particularly in the terps department, and the nicely balanced high to go with that made this a winner for me personally.”