Genetics: (Gelato #41 x Evergladez)


Originally bred by GreenFire Genetics and grown by Dr. Highgrades.


Notes from The Bud Studio –


“Some earthy and musty notes of baked goods on the aroma initially; definitely giving off some Kush Mints vibes. After breaking the nugs open, I noticed a slightly sour, gassy scent of pine; giving the overall aroma a very dank characteristic. This reminded me somewhat of a typical OG profile – somewhat unexpected, but a nice surprise, nonetheless. Once I ground the nugs up, I suddenly noticed the more defined Gelato traits coming into the mix, right alongside some fruity Zkittlez terps that gave off an almost sugar-sweet essence. That slightly OG-esque sour, piney gas returned on the dry pull, mixing with those Zkittlez notes to produce an almost Zowahh-like effect, which I found very enjoyable. Besides this, I could still pick up on the sweet and creamy Gelato notes coming through in the background. The general flavour I picked up on after sparking up was a sort of broad, gassy Zkittlez/Gelato combination.

This strain produced a very dank smoke with plenty of lung expansion. That baked goods quality that I originally noticed on the aroma came back amidst a wave of sweet and creamy Gelato notes not too long into the joint. This gave a bit more complexity to those dank, gassy notes that seemed to be prominent throughout both the aroma and flavour. The fruitiness of the Zkittlez terps accented the flavour in a gentle and subtle way throughout the smoke. The flavour towards the end of the joint took a turn back to a more traditional gelato profile. Moderately strong head high to start – pressure in the chest and slightly around the forehead too, as well as some mild lightheadedness.”