Genetics: (Zkittlez x Wonka Bars)


Bred and grown by GMT Genetics.


Review from The Bud Studio –


“This Indica-dominant hybrid from GMT Genetics boasts some incredible Zkittlez terps in such a way that is (in my opinion) comparable to the ever so popular ‘Blue Zushi’ by The Ten Co. Speaking of this strain being comparable to the above-mentioned prominent example from the West Coast – it’s strains like this that get given the name ‘Cali Killer’ for good reason… I’ve watched these guys dial this strain in for some time now, and this latest batch was of a very high standard indeed. Right from opening the bag I was greeted with a flood of those familiar sweet Z terps – reminding me immediately of the Zushi.

When breaking the nugs apart I started to get more Earthy and skunky notes coming into play, all the while expressing an overlying candy-like sweetness. On the dry pull I felt my palate get overwhelmed by the flood of Zkittlez terps once again, this made it a tad difficult to pick apart the other notes I was getting in the mix – but I couldn’t complain! After sparking up and taking a few tasty tokes I began to zero in on the underlying characteristics.

I mainly got skunky and woody notes, almost gassy in quality, similar to what I was getting on the nose before. These complimented the brighter, sweeter Zkittlez notes that mainly took the spotlight with this strain brilliantly, and in a unique way too. The effects were quick to come on, initially giving me a nice social buzz with a spot of energy and a general lift in my mood.

This eventually trickled down into a blanket of relaxation that left me feeling calm and happy. There was no heavy couch-lock to report on this one either, which is a bonus for those daytime smokes and long evening sessions with friends!

Overall, I’m once again left very impressed by the latest batch of this fantastic strain; this one is a modern-day classic if you ask me. Its wonderful combination of a well-balanced high and delicious flavour profile is one that is surely not to be missed by any of you looking toward the top shelf of quality UK bud. It’s cultivators like GMT Genetics that are setting the new levels for this great country’s green scene.”